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Please read the rigging regulations and check the box to continue to the online order form. Encore Event Technologies will make the final determination on the number of riggers and chain motors after reviewing your rigging plot and production schedule.

Site Regulations

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PDF Files

You will be asked to provide a CAD file that shows your rigging requirements. CAD files for locations are available from a sales representative. The PDF files provided below will help you get started, but a PDF file is not sufficient. A CAD file detailing your request will be required on the CAD tab of this form to complete your rigging request.

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Additional Rigging Requirements
If additional rigging calls are required then provide when and what is required for each call in the textbox below:
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Banner/Sign Size: Weight: Quantity:

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Do You require a lift(s) for the duration of your event? Total number of points with motor/hoist required? Total number of points without motor/hoist required (dead hang)?


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Aerial Acts:

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CAD Files:

  • If you need to upload more than one file please zip them into one.
  • Allowed File Types: DWG, DXF, MCD, ZIP
  • PDF are NOT acceptable for production requests! PDFs are only allowed for exhibitor drawings or renders.
  • Maximum File Size: 40MB
  • Rigging plots must contain all flown equipment in addition to a reflective ceiling plan with hang-points. Please use our CAD file as your design template.
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